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Welcome to Guppy Alternative!


We are celebrating the launch of the new website with the following specials.

Blood Red Albino Swords $21.00 / Trio.

You will get 1 Male, 2 Females of these beautiful Blood Red Albino Swords with this special sale offer! Priority Mail shipping is $12.35.

Red Snakeskins on Sale- $30.00/ trio or 2 Trios for $50.00.

This is my original Red Snakeskin line. Will produce solid Red snakes as in photo as well as some with some black shaded areas. Shipping is $14.35 for Priority Mail with heat pack included.

Yellow Variegated Snakeskins - $30.00 / Trio.

These Snakes have a nice dorsal as well as fine snakeskin pattern coverage on body. Very active and prolific line.

Red Lace Snakeskins $40.00 / Trio.

These aren't always available, but I have some right now! Priority Mail with heat pack is $14.35. Your box will hold up to 3 trios for that shipping price.

About Us

Guppy Alternative has been operating as Guppyalternative .com since August 8, 1998. The fish offered for sale here are all tank raised in my indoor hatchery in Santa Cruz California. Thanks for visiting my website, and if you have any questions after taking a look around, please drop me an email , or give me a call @ 831.426.3307.

Frank Schwab


Ordering and Shipping Information

To order from Guppyalternative, you can call or email to confirm availability of your choices.All prices listed are for fish only, and do not include the cost of shipping, which you will find the options on listed below. Payment can be made via the phone for Visa/MasterCard orders. Money orders, and personal checks are also accepted. Paypal online payments are also accepted and can be sent to To make a Paypal payment, add your total for fish and shipping and log into your Paypal account. Then click on send money. You will be prompted for send to who? Use my email address The fsguppy email address is still correct for the paypal account.

Shipping Prices and Information.


Guppy Alternative is currently using the Flat Rate Priority and Flat Rate Express boxes for shipping. These boxes will hold 1-3 Trios for the same shipping price. The rates are:

Priority Mail (2-3 days delivery) $12.65

Express Mail (next day delivery) $45.00

Live delivery is guaranteed on all orders. If there is a problem with your delivery, please notify us immediately.The live delivery guarantee covers the cost of all fish, but not the reshipping fee.



About the new website

To find your way around the new website, please use the menu located @ the top of the home page between the logo and name and address. The Guppies Page shows photos prices, and information on the Guppies currently available for sale here. The Swordtails page contains the same information on them. These are not swordtail guppies these are regular Swordtail Livebearers. You can also click on the Endlers page to view the Endlers Livebearers available 2 Guppy Alternative. There will be more pages, photos, articles and general guppy information added to the new site soon.

This website was made and is maintained and updated by Frank Schwab. All content is copyright protected. Articles and photos may not be used without permission. For information, please email me @