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Endlers Livebearers

Endlers Livebearer 5 pairs for $25.00.
This is the pure traditional Endlers line. Endlers are very easy to start a colony. They are quite popular for plant tanks. The Endlers do not eat the fry, so it is very easy to get a tank full from your 5 original females. This is the type you see the males in the pet shops, but they don't carry the females to breed them.
Single Sword Endlers - $18.00 / Trio.
This is another line of pure endlers that has the single swordtail (bottom sword). Also very easy to get your colony started. They do not eat the fry even in a bare tank.
Endlers Doublesword Trio - $18.00.
This line has a longer Doublesword tail.
Endlers Livebearer X Doublesword Guppy Cross - $25.00 / Trio.
This is a hybrid line I created by crossing a Metallic Yellow Doublesword Male Guppy X Endlers Female. I have had this line for many generations now. The males get larger than standard endlers males, retaining the fantastic bright body colors while adding a much more magnificent tail. This line breed true.
Endlers Livebearer X Veil Tail Guppy  Trio - $25.00.
I made this line by crossing a Male Guppy with a veil tail to an Endlers Female. As you can see, the result is a spectacular long tail with intricate colors , spots and markings. These males are larger than an Endlers male, yet still smaller than a guppy.