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Welcome to the Guppies Page @ Below you will find photos, prices and information about the types of Guppies that are currently available. If you have any questions, or would like to place an order, please give me a call @ 831.426.3307.

Frank Schwab

Red Snakeskin - $40.00 / Trio.

This is my original Red Snakeskin line. The line was created by crossing the Red Variegated snake male X Full Red Female. The results produce some solid red snakes. This is the 4th generation since the original cross. These will get very large with a long dorsal and delta tail. 

Multi Snakeskin Trio - $40.00.

These Multi Snakeskins get amazing patterns/blend of colors on a huge Delta tail.

Nice intricate snakeskin pattern on the body. They are very fertile and will produce lots of fry. A tank full of these is an incredible sight!

Platinum Snakeskins - $30.00 /. Trio.

The Platinum Snakeskins have a bright sheen on the body, typically yellow in color, these get some black marks/spots and some will get some red color in the tails as well. These originally came from Bangkok. I have had the line here for several years now.

Yellow Snakeskins - $30.00 / Trio.

My Yellow Snakeskins have very large Delta Tails with a nice long dorsal fin and fine Snakeskin pattern on the body. They will get very large and are very fertile.

Red Lace Snakeskins - $40.00 / Trio.

The Red Lace Snakes are said to have originated in Germany. I have had this line here for a few years now. Availability on this line is often limited, so please ask before ordering on this line.

Multi Snakeskin line #2 $30.00 / Trio.

This line of Snakeskins tends to get more black and red coloring than the fish in Multi snakeskin line #1.Really nice body pattern.

Half-Black AOC Trio - $30.00.
These half-black aoc (any other color) guppies have a half-black body with leopard colors/patterns in the dorsal/caudal. They are compatible with Snakeskin guppies, as you make the half-black aoc by crossing a snakeskin male x half-black female. The snakeskin gives the multi colors/patterns in the tail for the any other color effect, while the half-black body trait is dominant on the female.
Japan Blue Multi Trio - $40.00.

This line was a cross with japan blue x multi color female. Brilliant blue bodies (Japan Blue trait) with purple, blue,black and red colors in the tails.

Very flashy.

Multi Color Deltas- $40.00 / Trio.
This line is from a green delta x grass guppy cross. The male in the photo is young, these will get much larger with huge delta tails. Lots of varied patterns/color combinations in the dorsal/caudal on these.
Blue Bicolor Trio - $40.00.
My Blue BiColors were made by crossing a Blue Delta Male x Blue Grass Female. These fish will get huge with very large tails.
Topaz / Grass Trio - $30.00.
I made this line with a Blue Topaz Male crossed with a Blue Grass Female. The 3rd generation are currently available. You will get many different colors and patterns in this line, from pastel blends to bright colors with spots on some. They will get very large bodies with a big delta tail.
Japanese Red Grass Trio - $40.00.
The Japanese Red Grass (aka Glass) has been a very popular line for many years. One of the few lines that will throw the Giessen Longfin Guppies. They will also produce some Blue Grass fish, as well as some multi color grass.