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Blood Red Albinos - $25.00 / Trio.
The Blood Red Albinos are one of the more popular swords around today. Sporting the blood red color and red eyes makes a great combination. Get your colony started with a breeder trio today!
Painted Swords - $20.00 / Trio.

The Painted Swords through many different patterns on the body, all with the mix of red black and occasionally some white color. This line will also produce some fish with the back half of the body black and the front of the body is red. These are highly sought after.

Neon Swords - $30.00 / Trio.
The Neon Swords are very bright and flashy, displaying a wide range of bright colors from reds to green and black. A tank full of these raised from your breeder trio makes for a great display.
Blood Red Wag Sword Trio - $25.00.
The Blood Red Wah Swords have the standard color dark eye, blood red body color with black sword, tail and dorsal. The black offsets the red color very nicely. This is another very popular type.
Red Swords - $20.00 / Trio
This is the traditional standard Red Swordtail, with dark eyes, red body and black outline on the sword itself.

Gold Bodied Green Sword Trio - $20.00.

This is the gold based body version of the Green Sword. Sometimes called Lemon or Lemon Lime.

The sword itself gets very long on these.

Green Swordtail Trio - $25.00.
This is the Montezuma type Green Sword with the super long sword. Flashy Red/Green colors with black outline on the sword itself.